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Persian rug import company, Dara Collection.

We have many variety of persian rugs such as Seirafian, Haghighi, Shahabpour from Isfahan, Alabaf from Tabriz, Saber from Mashhad, and many more. We also have selections of antique and inexpensive persian carpets and rugs.




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Explaining the roots and details of each persian rugs and carpets with pictures owned by daracollection

History of rugs

Elucidation about history of persian rugs and some other carpets





The picture of Ahmad Shar Qajar (the period of reigh 1909-25)

Ahmad Shah Qajar, Shah of Iran, 

The United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs


Dara Collection's collection rug

Qajar monarch pictorial portrait persian rug

This the rug of the last ruler of the Qajar dynasty, Ahmad Shah.

Design:Pictorial Portrait(Tasvir)

Made in:Tehran, Iran



Pile material:Wool

Number of knots per ㎠: 8×8

owned by daracollection

The picture of one of the masterpiece architecture, Imam Mosque

Niche, a hollow of the arch shape built toward Mecca, is called Mehrabi.

Dara Collection's collection rug

Mehrab and botanical design persian rug

This persian rug uses mosque niche, a hollow of the arch shape, as a motif.

Design:Mehrab design(MeHrabi Eslimi)

Made in: Kashan, Iran


Size: 202×133cm

Pile Material:Wool

Number of knots per ㎠:8×8

owned by daracollection


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