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アンカー ガージャール解説

Qajar Monarch Portrait
Persian Rug

Design : Pictorial Portrait (Tasvir)
Made in : Tehran, Iran
Date : 1910s
Size : 200 × 132cm
Pile material : Wool
Number of knots per ㎠: 8 × 8
owned by Dara Collection

This carpet holds a portrait of the last king of the Qajar dynasty, Ahmad Shah.

In 1909, Ahmad Shah ascended the throne when he was 11 years old.

This persian rug was likely woven at the order of a high government official Mirza Hasan-Ali in Tehran.

Carpets portraying Ahmad Shah normally show him seated, and the standing form seen as this carpet is quite rare.

In the main boarder of this persian rug, flowers, plants, and red rabbits place with the symmetric pattern. Birds also place on the corner of the boarder, and it is like expressing a paradise.

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